Bay Area Multicultural Home Educators

This group exists to provide support and resources to families of color who homeschool in the San Francisco Bay Area. The vision for this group is that families of color can post multicultural-rich information, resources, curricula, links, field trips, learning opportunities, park/play days and other things of interest.
The group is open to anyone who homeschools a child of color; to help support your efforts in finding quality multicultural resources to enhance and reinforce teaching from your ethnic background or helping to find resources to teach about a cultural background with which you may be unfamiliar.
The group is not meant to be exclusive, however, many families of color will attest to finding it difficult to find others of "like background" for cultural support in homeschooling.
Though a specific religious affiliation is not required to join the group, the overriding assumption is that each would conduct themselves in a way harmonious with a spiritual practice (e.g. no flaming, cursing, derogatory remarks, etc.). Additionally, even though we are banding together in this little corner of cyberspace to provide multicultural support, it is assumed and expected that members would refrain from putting any ethnicity down or make remarks that might make anyone of a particular ethnicity feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.
PLEASE NOTE: An automatic questionnaire is generated for all potential members.  If you click on join & sign up, the questionnaire will be sent. The answers to these questions are never shared with anyone, they are just a screener to ensure our group remains free of spammers.  Requests for membership that occur without the questionnaire being returned will be deleted from the system after 7 days, but you are welcome to re-apply at a later date when time permits this additional step.

Thank you!

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